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Job Vacancy:
Two Postdoctoral Research Associates
Closing date: 14th October

To apply go to  The University of Glasgow Job Vacancies and search for vacancy reference 098948

Applications are invited for two Postdoctoral Research Associates. The posts are funded by the John Templeton Foundation and the University of Glasgow as part of the project Smith@300: Celebrating Adam Smith as Scholar, Educator, and Citizen.


2023 is the 300th anniversary of the birth of Adam Smith and The University of Glasgow, Smith’s academic home, will mark the tercentenary with a globally impactful series of scholarly activities that will provide a lasting legacy supporting scholarship on Adam Smith and his ideas and demonstrating how Smith can inform contemporary debates on morals and markets.


Smith@300 aims to bring Adam Smith into the conversation about the problems facing our society in the twenty-first century inspiring discussion about Adam Smith and what people of all philosophical and political commitments can learn from his work.


As part of this The University of Glasgow will appoint two Post-Doctoral fellows who will work on the project alongside advancing their own scholarly careers through research and publication. The Post-Doctoral Fellows will be early career scholars working on Adam Smith or Smithian inspired projects. Smith was a polymath and applications are welcome from across the academic disciplines and will be based in the School of Social and Political Sciences.


The Post-Doctoral Fellows will organise and lead two Workshops on the theme of their research with papers gathered from participants and submitted for a special edition of a leading journal in the appropriate field of study. The Post-Doctoral fellows will be mentored by senior scholars from the Project team and supported as they build their CV and profile through the term of the project.


The Fellows will contribute to the three pillars of the Smith@300 project: scholar, educator, citizen. Assisting in original research that examines the books once owned by Adam Smith. Participating in in a series of public events on the relevance of Smith’s ideas. Contributing to the creation of a series of permanent teaching resources on Adam Smith and his ideas aimed at high school students, university students and faculty, and executives and policymakers.

Further information and job description  can be found here 

To apply, go to  The University of Glasgow Job Vacancies and search for vacancy reference 098948

"However selfish soever man may be supposed, there are evidently some principles in his nature, which interest him in the fortune of others, and render their happiness necessary to him, though he derives nothing from it except the pleasure of seeing it."

Adam Smith

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College of Social Sciences, School of Social and Political Sciences, Room 1207, Adam Smith Building, Glasgow, G12 8RT

To apply go to  The University of Glasgow Job Vacancies and search for vacancy reference 098948

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